Sivota islands

Sivota islands


Not easily accessible by boat, therefore isolated, Alati, in Greek, means sea-salt. It is called that way by the small salt-lake formation on the beache’s rocks. 

Here you can explore the rocky environment and relax in the small beach.


-climb the rocks on the right side of the entrance of the cove to explore the salt-lake.

-Bring your snorkeling gear.


The most popular beach of Sivota. Pisina attracts tourists from all around the Ionian sea, therefore try to visit it early in the morning or late in the afternoon, avoiding the crowdy tourist boats.


-There are some shoals of fish called ‘Melanouria’ in this beach. Through some bread in the water and see the fish swim right next to you.
-Visit the beach at non-popular hours (early morning / late afternoon)

Sivota Cave

A must visit place in Sivota. You should be able to go in the cave by a small boat. Be carefull of the right side of the entrance as there is a shallow rock. The cave of Sivota is home for quite many kinds of birds, nesting there during spring and summer time. You can dive from the left side of the cave, in order to do that swim on the left side and climb the rock until you are on your preferable height. 
Some years ago the kids used to jump from the far top of the cave ( you will still see the rusted platform ) therefore we do not recommend you to jump from that height.