Who We Are


Amari roaded into Sivota’s consciousness in the spring of 2022, having started as an idea far before that, with the belief that exploring something is more fun than just seeing something.

In Metsovo’s local Vlach dialect, Amari (Αμάρι) means ‘’sea’’. We believe that it is perfectly pointing out the roots of this whole experience, as it is inspired by memories in both mountain and sea landscapes of Epirus.

Amari is a step bigger than a boat cruising company. It’s a culture. For us, every trip is an opportunity to make new experiences and come back changed. Visit places we have never seen before. Rejoin our old friends, or the friends we haven’t met yet.


Let’s talk about a light in the dark.

The lighthouse of Sivota has been a guide for sailors and travelers since 1884. There is feeling of awe every time we seeing it in the distance or we are facing the sea from it’s top. It stands there as a symbol of navigation, hope and silent force, making it the perfect emblem to represent our passion for exploration into the Ionian waters.


Our dream is to contribute to a more sustainable and nature-oriented society. We would like to share our passion for exploration, aiming to reintroduce people to local societies and nature. Leaving behind all the comforts of our home, but yet being in nature’s luxury, and living a day like a local, we understand that nature is our true home.

Amari’s philosophy recalls an era when people were not tourists but travelers, therefore we want to keep away from mass tourism and introduce a simple but luxury experience. For us, untouched nature and wildlife is luxury. It can be as simple as enjoying a glass of wine under the midday sun, or a dive in a remote beach, away from the complexity of civilization.

Some ways of achieving this is by maintaining small groups, (up to 4-5 people), visiting remote landscapes and offering best quality services and products throughout our cruise, keeping it simple and exclusive.


We are welcoming you under Amari’s roof, the old grandpa’s coffee shop, which was restored in order to be the start line of adventures. In this place, there is simply respect for the honesty and enjoyment of nature. Here you can chill with us, get informed of what we do and get adventurous. We are passionate for what’s coming, and we ‘ll keep exploring. Always.     #alwaysexploring


We believe that eco-tourism can coexist in harmony with our planet. Amari is trying to keep the environment and the local communities ‘unharmed’ from the impact of its visitors every year. We are organizing cleaning actions and support climate change projects around Ionian Sea and beyond. The majority of our products comes from local communities and small-scale producers, such as the wine and cheese (South Corfu & Metsovo). We are minimizing transportation of goods, keeping our carbon footprint low and at the same time supporting local communities to grow sustainable. We are carefully monitoring our fleet, maintaining it in perfect condition, avoiding any type of pollution. We are also trying to collaborate with partners who share the same values, making this ‘respecting nature movement’ stronger.

We are committed in protecting the environment and creating a more sustainable future.